FMovies is the best streaming site

Many people already know about FMovies because it is one of the most popular streaming site in the world, being online for almost 8 years and offering everyone the most high quality movies and tv series for free available without registration. FMovies has been through many problems and updates in all these years of work, it was popular then people started to forget it, then it was popular again an so on, the usual cycle of life. Even when a major Google algorithm update strongly striked FMovies and maked it disappear from all the search results, the team behind this website somehow managed to reinvent themselves and made FMovies great again after many changes and redirects. Now FMovies is the site that you can see today, with a beautiful design, unique colors, big database of movies and series, new and cool features, very well organized content with categories, genres, tags and more. We really think FMovies is one of the best free streaming sites ever created.

You can watch anything

One of the key advantages of FMovies is their database. With almost 60.000 episodes and 10.000 movies, we can really say it's one of the biggest and you can watch almost anything you can imagine from the cinema industry new and old. It was hard to put in a single place all this content but we succeeded after a lot of work. All the movies and series available on FMovies can be watched for free without registration. We have to mention an important fact regarding the legality of FMovies: all the video content published here is provided by a non-affiliate third party via mirror links, so there is nothing hosted by us.

No ads, no sign-up

We know how important is for all our visitors to have the best experience while watching movies and series on our website and that's why we've decided to completely eliminate any form of advertising from FMovies. It's very hard to keep online this kind of website because there are many maintenance costs but we can deal with it now even if the site is completely ad-free and we are not making any revenue from it. Also, don't forget that you can watch anything without registration because we don't want nobody to lose time for nothing when they can go straight to the movie they like and watch it for free.